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The Meccanica Rhodense Group is a leader in the field of industrial mechanics for the airflows regulation and control.



It offers a wide range of products for countless uses. Meccanica Rhodense is able to design specific components for any need and use, guaranteeing the realization of the related product drawings using modern CAD techniques and supporting every supply with certification documentation and quality analysis using strong and tested procedures.

Meccanica Rhodense Air Control Engineering is the main part of a business group that includes other operational sections in the industrial mechanics area for the management and control of the air flows and pneumatics.



Meccanica Rhodense Pneumatic Control, offers rotating actuators, pinion and rack made paying particular attention to details to have a unique product, always studied ad hoc on the needs of the single plant it is intended to.



Komind is a reliable and competent partner for all companies operating in the industrial mechanical sector and require expertise, preparation and equipment to build medium and medium-heavy carpentry structures, also offering technical support in the design and development of all necessary components using modern CAD-CAM software.



The HDPIPE brand identify a line of modular channels for the aeraulic industrial plant sector, where solidity and resistance to mechanical stresses are required. HDPIPE offers a range of modular channels that satisfy most of the geometries present in an air treatment plant, maintaining the typical structural characteristics of so-called "heavy" constructions.

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