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The objective of MECCANICA RHODENSE is the full satisfaction of customers, the maintenance of healthy and safe working environments for its collaborators and guests, the minimization of the impact towards third parties and the remuneration of investments towards the property.

Constant attention to the Environment and Safety at Work are an integral and inseparable part of the objective of improving the quality of the products and services provided. Minimizing waste, inefficiencies and accidents can only be achieved through continuous planning, monitoring, analysis and improvement.

The Management of MECCANICA RHODENSE undertakes to:

• Ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, in particular regarding the environment and safety;
• Continuously guarantee customer satisfaction and improvement of its performance;
• Engage in the continuous development and training of its personnel and in the continuous technological improvement of plants and processes;
• Develop and increase collaboration with Suppliers, especially the historical ones with which MECCANICA RHODENSE maintains industrial partnership relations;
• Contain and reduce the production of waste and the environmental impact in general, including through the use of energy from renewable sources;
• Manage your Production Site in a careful and sustainable way;
• Operate with a prevention criterion, also through awareness-raising and involvement activities of internal and external Collaborators, assess in advance the environmental impacts and possible safety risks for all activities.

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