The experience as valve and dampers for the management of air flows producer, and in the actuators sector, is the result of many years of studies of the marketed devices and allowed Meccanica Rhodense to develop an own line of actuators and components that can be guaranteed in terms of quality, reliability, and performances.The Meccanica Rhodense control systems are developed with extreme care of details making them reliable and specially suitable for demanding tasks.The project philosophy, that stands out our pneumatic components, is based on the scrupulous choice of each and any part, either static or dynamic, of our units.

Meccanica Rhodense offers:

  • Pinion-Rack aluminium pneumatic Actuators;
  • Pinion-Rack AISI316 stainless steel pneumatic Actuators;
  • Pinion-Rack ATEX pneumatic Actuators;
  • Pneumatic equipments used with actuators;
  • Monostable and Bistable solenoid valves;
  • Limit switch boxes;
  • Electro-pneumatic analogue positioners with 4-20 Ma signal;
  • 3-15 psi modulating positioners;
  • Electro-pneumatic digital positioners with 4-20 Ma Smart Hart control;
  • Electro-pneumatic analogue positioners with 4-20 Ma signal and 4-20 Ma signal retransmission.

Attention to detail, the refinement of the components, the personalization of performance: the meticulous work of Meccanica Rhodense, from design to assembly, is the real added value of these command groups.

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